Revisit Guest Management Simplified

Transform your lobby with device agnostic, highly customizable Guest sign-in and a heavy focus on ease of use and security, walk-ins become a breeze as your receptionists, facility managers and security agents, exceed performance expectations. Below are they key features, information, and requirements to get the most out of this solution today.



ReVisit offers customers top grade customizations from color themes to customizable image and video backgrounds and effects ensuring that you have the tools to truly showcase your brand and synchronize your guest experience.


This is a major part of the ReVisit solution, security features like guest checks, blacklisting, overcrowding and overstaying guest monitoring systems are just a few of the readily available tools to help your organization stay compliant and secure in todays time. Data security is also taken into account as roles and other access control features let users define perfect separation of concerns in managing the solution.


Guest management has not been so flexible both in deployment and use, ReVisit allows you scale vertically or horizontally with ease and little to no limits, enjoy multiple kiosk logons, easy staff and location access management, easy subscription package upgrades, multiple deployment modes, from Cloud to Hybrid to On-premise deployments, integrations to your favorite productivity tools and more.


The "Self-Service Mode" allows all customers take advantage of their lobby by putting the sign-in process in the hands of the guests, there are security features in place to ensure the process goes smoothly and any unwanted guests are handled appropriately, this mode allows multiple kiosk deployments and reduces the amount of man power required to handle guests during peak periods.


ReVisit offers built-in stress free appointment management, guests can easily send out requests via self-service terminals or through receptionist with “Receptionist Mode” enabled, staff can as well schedule appointments from their dashboard and with calendar integrations, all stakeholders stay notified for meetings, Guest pre-recognition is automated as well and requires little to no human effort.


ReVisit offers all customers an easy automated delivery management system, capable of package arrival notification, tracking and receipt by the target recipient, it supports reminders as well to ensure no parcels are left unattended and allows image provision of said parcels for easier identification.

Legal Compliance

Businesses deal with people, but more so they do with data and information, in environments where its imperative to leave this information viewable by team members part of it may be obtained by less than savory guests, furthermore, certain organizations require agreements for indemnification reasons, ReVisit offers you a perfect way to get you business compliant with its standards through the support of legal document signing by guests before entering your premises.


The ReVisit solution offer all customers notifications on key areas such as blacklist sign-ins, guest arrivals, to package deliveries, this information is disseminated via email, sms and or push notifications ensuring full reachability to all stakeholders involved.


ReVisit Self-Service Mode

The ReVisit Guest Self-Service Mode lets users provide self-service kiosks to their guests, this mode provides a guided interface to welcome guest appropriately to your facility with little to no human intervention.

Recommended Hardware

Anti-Theft Floor Stand

- Weighted base

- Ground Securable with screws

- Tablet area lock and back button block

- Easy Cable Management

Anti-Theft Table Top Stand

- Weighted base

- Table Securable with screws

- Tablet area lock and back button block

- Easy Cable Management

Apple 9.7 Inch iPad

- Sleek Design

- 100% Secure Table|Floor Stand Compatible

- Crisp Retina Display

- 32GB RAM & HD

- Powerful A10 Fusion chip

Minimum Required Hardware

Floor Stand Kiosk

- Light Securable Base

- Adjustable Height

Table Top Kiosk

- Minimal Adjustable Height

- 360o Tablet Motion

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6"

- Good Design

- Rugged

- 720p HD Display

- 16GB RAM & HD

- Android 5.1 Lollipop

ReVisit Receptionist Mode and Security Control Mode

The Reception mode lets users have access to run ReVisit as s Receptionist where they can create appointment requests, print badges, sign-in or out guests and more.

The Security Control mode lets users have access to run ReVisit’s Security Control Centre where they can track guest’s activity and presence on-premise, raise emergencies, monitor and update blacklist information and more.

Recommended Hardware

Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam

- Full HD 1080P

- Privacy Shutter

- Razor Sharp High Definition Images

HP 24-Inch All-in-One Computer

- 7th Generation AMD A6 9225 Processor

- Memory: 4 GB DDR4 2133 SDRAM (Upgradable to 16GB)

- Hard Drive: 1 TB 7200Rpm SATA

- Windows 10

Minimum Required Hardware

Logitech C270 Desktop Webcam

- Full HD 720P

- Logitech Fluid Crystal, up to 1280x720

- Crisp 3 MP Photos

Acer Aspire Z3 Portable AIO Touch Desktop

- 7th Generation AMD A6 9225 Processor

- Memory: 4 GB DDR4

- Hard Drive: 1 TB 5400Rpm SATA

- Windows 10

ReVisit Badge Printing

ReVisit Supports badge printing, from colored to monochrome badges, full support is offered.

Recommended Hardware

QL 800, Professional Label Printer

- Rapid Print Supported

- No ink or Toner Required

- Print in Red and Black

Minimum Required Hardware

QL 700, Label Printer

- Rapid Print supported

- Lower price

- Print in Black

Brother Genuine, DK-2205 Continuous Paper Label Roll

- Cut to size labels

- High Quality Materials

- 100 foot Continuous print

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